Product Features


Enroll your customers into your new membership system. I mean, your customers just have to follow your business on Rhine. Almost as if it is autopilot once it is set up.

Channels Broadcast

Have a new promotion that you want to let your customers know about? Instead of waiting for them to find out about it, why not let them know directly?

Loyalty Stamps

Loyalty is even simpler now, when your customer visits your store, all they need to do is to scan your store's unique QR code.


10% off the bill? 1-for-1 promotions? Christmas Special? Whatever promotions you can think of, Rhine supports your digital voucher to physical redemption workflow.


What is the problem with my store? Where can I improve on? Product? Service?
With Rhine, you don't have to guess.

Data Intelligence Report

Rhine provides a high level data intelligence report. So you spend less time crunching data for analytics, more time thinking about your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing-related Questions

Does Rhine Business Solutions have a Free Plan?


Absolutely! For businesses that have only 1 brand and 1 outlet, it's genuinely free-forever. You can also create 2 vouchers and send out to your customer base via Campaigns!

Can I cancel my plan anytime?


Of course! Just contact Rhine's support ( and we will assist you as soon as possible.

When will I be billed?


You will be billed just like any other user on Rhine Business Platform, which will be on a monthly basis on the 15th of every month. (Check Question 5 on Billing-Related Questions to see "How are billing and payments processed")

What are the setup costs?


For software setup costs, it will be waived off. If you are doing a pilot test, we will absorb the setup cost of minimum $30 per outlet. (This includes the physical QR stands for your counter, QR stickers for your table and more.)We want to make sure that your deployment is a success.

How are billing and payment processed?


Payment currently will be done via PayNow in Singapore. We will send you an invoice based on your allocation and add-ons (if any) and bill you on a monthly basis. However, for a special period of time till end of December 2021, we will NOT be charging you any money.

Can I customise what I need? For example, I need more vouchers but don't need so many stores.


No problem, just contact us at and we will work out a favourable customised plan for you.

Rhine Business Solutions Questions

What kind of business should use Rhine Business Solutions?


As long as you are a business that has a physical front, that is looking to engage, retain, and reward your customers, we think that it is a perfect fit. Typically our customers are in the Food & Beverages, Retail and Services industries.

What kind of rewards can I create on Rhine for my customers?


Frankly speaking, majority of the rewards use cases are self thought up by our customers! For example some merchants create "1 For 1" rewards, "30% off total bill minimum spending", "Free cup of coffee with every 5 stamps". The possibilities are endless, just make sure that you create the relevant promotions in your POS terminal!

Can I set how many vouchers to create?


Definitely, there is no set restrictions, you can create whatever you deem necessary for your campaign. For example, if your account allocation is 3 Voucher creation, in 1 voucher, you are able create multiple vouchers of that type.

Can I set how many times customers can redeem a particular voucher?


You can set it to allow customers to redeem once only, or unlimited redemption. Of course the redemptions will be kept by the number of vouchers you have created for that purpose.

Can I see data or statistics of how my brand/store is doing?


Sure, we do have basic analytics, more can be found inside the Rhine Business Platform web application. From time to time, we may also provide a specialised "Data IIntelligence Report" that covers exclusive data analytics not found in the web application.


Do I own the web application or mobile app?


Rhine is offered in a Software-as-a-service manner running subscription plans & add-ons. You do not own the mobile application or web application, but rather you are using 'Rhine Business Platform' as a tool to execute your campaigns.

How long will it take to launch a loyalty programme?


To setup your digital presence in Rhine, it takes less than an hour. It would be even faster if you have the necessary images and logo for your brand ready.

How can customers join my loyalty programme?


Once you have established your digital presence on 'Rhine Business Platform', you will be discoverable by your customers on 'Rhine Mobile App'. Your customers can then join your membership on the 'Rhine Mobile App', and you will be able to send out your loyalty campaigns to your customers.

Your customers will mostly join your loyalty programme directly in store after scanning the same QR code used for check-in at your store.

How many stamp can I give my customers based on my business logic?


A range of 1-10 stamps can be given to any subscribing customer of yours.

How do I award stamps to my customers?


There are 2 ways of awarding stamps. The first method is where customers will scan a physical QR code that is readily present around your physical store. (These QR exists on Acrylic Stands/Tabletop Stickers around your store) The second method features the 'Reward Stamp Booklet', where your staff will reward your customer based on your business logic. For example, every $20 spent at your store, you will award them 1 stamp.

What is the max number of stamps a customer can have?


Currently, the maximum number of stamps a customer can have is 10. Any more stamps awarded will simply cause the customer to remain at 10 stamps.For example, if a customer has 8 stamps and he is awarded 4 stamps, the max he will ever have is 10 stamps. The Stamps will be reduced only when customers redeem their stamps for your Stamp Rewards.

Should I give a Welcome Reward?


It is recommended to do so! The Rhine team will walkthrough with you specially on this.

Are my data safe with Rhine?


Definitely, please be rest assured that your data is stored in a secured enterprise-grade cloud server by Google Cloud. If your data is compromised on our system, it means that Google's infrastructure is compromised.

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