A new way for users to discover your business

User generated content has never been more prevalent in recent times, take advantage of it through Rhine.

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Digitalisation shouldn't be difficult

With a little familiarisation, you will soon be launching your own promotional campaigns like an expert! No need for specialised technical talent.

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Your online-to-offline gateway

Rhine's solution is simple but comprehensive. It's a bonus for you, a benefit to your loyal customers, and definitely something that you should not miss out on!

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How it works

Start it

Publish your brand, virtualise your presence.

Incentivise your customers' loyalty today!

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Strategise it

Rhine is a tool that's versatile for you. Whether you are running a long term campaign, or a seasonal stint.

It's entirely up to you.

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Launch it

A comprehensive plan is only as comprehensive as its execution.

Launch your campaigns to your customers.

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Analyze it

Rhine's Data Intelligence Report will provide you valuable insights to improve your business operations and marketing.

Stay true to analytics you can count on.

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Repeat it

Our straightforward tool wastes no time. Just repost your desired vouchers and campaigns.

Time is of the essence.

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Why use Rhine?

Hassle-free setup

No technical knowledge required, no expensive hardware setup, no code.


Fair pricing and grows only when you are succeeding.

Intuitive usage

Save precious time on training your employees. Empower your employees with seamless technology

Access anywhere

Plan and launch your promotional campaigns anywhere with an internet connection and a supported browser

Extend your reach

Reach out to your competitor's customers, because the future of loyalty is via collaborations, not hard competition

Discover insights

With Rhine's analytics, you will be able to uncover more insights to drive better business decisions over time.

Trusted by forward-thinking businesses

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